You are preparing the next recurring subject and you would like to know how the subject was treated in previous years and which articles were the most buzzed on the web at that time. Stand out by analyzing all the articles already released at a glance and find the right angle of attack.

Thanks to Ozae, you benefit from a database going back to 2013 that allows you to check all the articles that are reported on Google News on the subject you are looking for per year.

How do I retrieve articles that appear in Google News about a specific topic?

1 – Go to Articles > Keyword Search

2 – Enter the keyword of the subject you are looking for

Screenshot of the keyword search on Ozae
Screenshot of the keyword search on Ozae

3 – Select the period you are interested in

4 – Sort by “social score” to see the articles that have been the most buzzed and thus give you ideas of angles

This gives you the completeness of the articles that appeared on Google News about the subject you are looking for. The next step is to see which ones have worked best on social networks by looking at the social score and then grouping those who take a similar angle and others who stand out. You can either lean on an angle that has already worked well, or find inspiration for a new and original approach.

Pro tips:

  • For some topics, you can look at how foreign editions talk about a topic in France (e.g. presidential elections) and give you other editorial angles.
  • When should we start publishing on a subject, for example the Cannes Film Festival? By analyzing the previous edition, you will be able to identify the best time to release your first papers on the subject.

To go further and not miss any news on Google News, we advise you to take a look at our previous articles:

  • “Publish at the right time, the right article to get out in Google News”
  • “Receive the best of the news just before your editorial conference and throughout the day”.

Looking for more inspiration than the traditional recurring subject? Have a look at what happened interestingly a year ago and do an update on the subject in our article!

Find all the practical advice to make the best use of Ozae:

Ozae is a monitoring and analysis tool that scans news published on Google News, Apple News FR and Google results (AMP, Onebox News and organic results).

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Prepare the next recurring subject by identifying what worked best in the previous edition

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