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Analyses for lemonde.fr (as of June 1, 2017)

SEO Top Keywords: the most visible keywords within a source

  • by quantity of articles
  • by result format: AMP carousels, onebox Gnews, onebox Images, organic results

What for? Bounce back on hot news at the right time & in the right format

For whom? SEO specialists

SEO Top Sources: the most visible sources of a format

  • by occurrences of keywords used & number of articles
  • by position and market share on the results format

What for? Evaluate your visibility on Google & improve your performance

For whom? The publisher who compares his presence with that of competitors:

  • Onebox Gnews: 238 articles lemonde.fr, average position 11,83
  • Vote share: 3.24% vs 8.21% for the leader 20minutes.fr

Keywords: The most visible topics over a period of time

Classified by performance indicator:

  • Score Gnews
  • Social Score
  • Number of articles devoted to the subject

For what purpose?

  • Identify publication opportunities
  • Prepare your writing conference at a glance

For whom? Publishers, journalists

The subject “WHO” is strongly shared but little exploited, in particular tobacco-related mortality: 66,000 shares vs. 88 articles.

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