What are the top websites on Google News – U.S. New York edition?

If you have been looking for a definitive ranking of the best performing newsrooms, media agencies and publishers on Google News, search no more.

The team at Ozae has put together a series of articles that detail the most popular websites using our “Google News Rank”. Our custom-built algorithm calculates article, cluster, category, and display time data from the Google News homepage.

The table below details the top 100 domains for the first half of 2016. We also included social ranking and the number of articles indexed on the Google News homepage for comparison.

Did your website make it into the list? Do you have any questions regarding the scores? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email at hello@ozae.com.

Google News RankWebsite Domain NameGoogle News Score# Articles Rank on Google News# Articles Google NewsSocial RankSocial Score
1washingtonpost.com299.18 M233.83 K337.31 M
2nytimes.com220.78 M419.67 K151.84 M
3reuters.com219.13 M134.15 K383.67 M
4go.com217.59 M333.59 K435.62 M
5cnn.com158.99 M1210.63 K241.27 M
6usatoday.com158.38 M519.10 K129.89 M
7foxnews.com98.40 M713.04 K712.03 M
8latimes.com91.51 M169.46 K156.98 M
9people.com72.34 M207.56 K255.10 M
10wsj.com70.60 M811.94 K453.19 M
11nbcnews.com62.02 M246.08 K612.87 M
12cbsnews.com60.97 M217.37 K225.29 M
13bloomberg.com60.89 M1110.88 K532.37 M
14eonline.com56.62 M404.47 K1010.68 M
15huffingtonpost.com51.52 M911.54 K528.96 M
16nydailynews.com47.18 M178.54 K176.55 M
17cbssports.com39.21 M149.71 K195.66 M
18yahoo.com36.41 M616.54 K492.74 M
19csmonitor.com34.96 M344.83 K3930.13 M
20cbslocal.com34.30 M1011.24 K284.93 M
21bbc.com34.05 M364.66 K265.06 M
22techtimes.com31.52 M683.50 K1200.72 M
23forbes.com31.31 M324.93 K851.21 M
24foxsports.com29.52 M139.96 K215.43 M
25ew.com28.52 M513.86 K139.16 M
26chicagotribune.com27.78 M236.70 K731.52 M
27npr.org27.20 M872.66 K910.84 M
28time.com25.33 M305.28 K274.97 M
29bleacherreport.com24.56 M227.04 K314.39 M
30hollywoodreporter.com24.36 M663.58 K373.72 M
31businessinsider.com19.99 M188.23 K433.29 M
32politico.com19.63 M583.75 K166.55 M
33theguardian.com19.60 M295.36 K1110.56 M
34techcrunch.com18.20 M1231.67 K891.13 M
35si.com18.08 M354.72 K861.19 M
36fortune.com17.82 M673.54 K1670.46 M
37sbnation.com17.81 M493.93 K592.06 M
38dailymail.co.uk17.63 M159.69 K344.12 M
39nbcsports.com16.88 M573.77 K1420.57 M
40nfl.com16.36 M1131.88 K512.54 M
41theatlantic.com16.24 M1171.81 K304.60 M
42perezhilton.com16.22 M533.82 K941.00 M
43theverge.com15.26 M812.78 K463.10 M
44voanews.com15.15 M543.82 K1980.37 M
45ibtimes.com14.75 M275.68 K3280.19 M
46cnet.com14.73 M464.13 K1600.48 M
47upi.com14.66 M384.52 K4180.12 M
48mashable.com14.02 M553.80 K612.00 M
49miamiherald.com12.97 M265.97 K2640.25 M
50washingtontimes.com12.95 M197.72 K1160.76 M
51bostonglobe.com12.90 M593.73 K711.52 M
52newsweek.com12.63 M693.49 K1940.37 M
53usnews.com12.56 M394.48 K2510.27 M
54bbc.co.uk12.56 M643.60 K205.52 M
55thehill.com12.43 M374.54 K294.73 M
56thedailybeast.com12.37 M1052.10 K393.56 M
57seekingalpha.com12.18 M523.84 K10870.02 M
58hollywoodlife.com11.99 M563.79 K473.03 M
59telegraph.co.uk11.81 M613.69 K502.57 M
60nj.com11.52 M723.41 K1560.49 M
61engadget.com11.46 M952.39 K831.27 M
62rollingstone.com11.31 M1441.41 K148.51 M
63philly.com11.25 M484.02 K2790.24 M
64nypost.com10.90 M434.22 K354.08 M
65mercurynews.com10.69 M454.19 K3090.21 M
66pcmag.com10.65 M1571.27 K3780.14 M
67marketwatch.com10.35 M653.60 K871.16 M
68cnbc.com10.34 M633.65 K1050.89 M
69stltoday.com10.29 M256.05 K4240.12 M
70bostonherald.com10.05 M474.02 K4750.09 M
71modernreaders.com9.93 M2590.83 K13900.01 M
72usmagazine.com9.72 M822.78 K423.29 M
73computerworld.com9.19 M2620.82 K4970.08 M
74cleveland.com8.65 M832.77 K1540.50 M
75nola.com8.60 M972.19 K1590.48 M
76bustle.com8.56 M503.91 K1920.37 M
77pcworld.com8.47 M2121.01 K2990.22 M
78appleinsider.com8.35 M3010.69 K6050.06 M
79slate.com8.21 M1091.99 K235.17 M
80chron.com7.59 M315.00 K1070.82 M
81thestreet.com7.56 M763.06 K10280.02 M
82al.com7.51 M1111.92 K1020.91 M
83denverpost.com7.49 M962.30 K1330.61 M
84billboard.com7.40 M1281.58 K324.14 M
85tmz.com7.38 M1511.30 K185.89 M
86hngn.com7.08 M982.16 K11560.01 M
87sportingnews.com7.07 M743.11 K1380.59 M
88breitbart.com6.92 M603.72 K245.11 M
89ajc.com6.90 M713.44 K2050.35 M
90seattlepi.com6.80 M852.74 K8640.03 M
91nasdaq.com6.79 M285.36 K8090.03 M
92seattletimes.com6.73 M623.68 K1400.57 M
93mlive.com6.48 M1082.01 K1570.49 M
94nhv.us6.48 M1781.16 K16930.00 M
95freep.com6.39 M1241.67 K1140.77 M
96nhl.com6.38 M2300.96 K2460.28 M
97venturebeat.com6.38 M1491.33 K3160.20 M
98vanityfair.com6.33 M1501.32 K771.45 M
99space.com6.29 M6620.29 K1220.70 M
100nba.com6.24 M1062.06 K443.23 M

*M= millions ; K= thousands

Top 100 websites on Google News – US New York Edition

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