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Over the last few months, we have been working hard to improve our tools with the help of your feedback.    

Today we are pleased to present Ozae’s latest updates! Several major updates are already live in the Newsroom.


The new SPH indicator (or “Share per hour” indicator) can be found in the Live Top Buzz section. The SPH gives an indication of how fast an article is being shared on social networks. It corresponds to the velocity – or average number of interactions per hour – of each article.

live top buzz sshot

Live Clusters

A new view that is a great dashboard for editorial teams. Live Clusters make several key pieces of information available at a single glance:

  • the latest story clusters created on Google News.
  • Which clusters’ popularity are going up or down in Google News and the social networks?
  • Your domain’s position: you will be able to see if you are visible or not in every Google News cluster. And if you are, will your articles be emerging or disappearing (Live Trend column)? This report will allow your editors to assess whether it is worthwhile to publish or re-publish an article on any topic.
derneirs clusters sshot

Email Alerts

The Live Top Buzz and Latest Clusters views allow you to set email alerts so you can be regularly updated on trending articles and new clusters appearing on Google News.

clusters alerts mail sshot
New features: SPH, Live Clusters, Email Alerts

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