What is Google News?


Indexing content from 70 regional editions and over 75,000 publishers, Google News can be considered the leading computer-generated news aggregator in the world. Getting your articles on the Google News platform can increase clicks to your site and likely improve your Google Web search rank.



What is the OZAE Google News Score (GNS)?


The Ozae team developed an exclusive algorithm that calculates article, cluster, category and display time data directly from the Google News homepage. Our Google News score is based on this calculation and shows the results in real-time.  



The Google News score starts from 0 to over 150,000. Below is a break down of the average scores from the last 24 months:


Top 10% average score = 32,108 GNS

Top 1% average score = 88,150 GNS

Top 0.1% average score = 158,836 GNS


Why care about your Google News score?


A higher Google News score primarily means a higher chance to appear on the Google Web search homepage which drives more clicks to your website. Other benefits include: 

  • Better website credibility
  • Faster indexing of articles
  • Google search ranking boost
  • Increase in traffic to your website

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Beginners Guide: Google News Score

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